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Prices & Quotes

We do not display our prices online as all orders are quoted to the customer’s specific needs.

Please contact us via the contact page, email or phone, with details of the job – we’ll get back to you asap with your quote.



The basic info:

    1. Garment Style, Colour & Quantity

    2. Artwork files, if you have them.

    3. Print positions (e.g. front, back, sleeve, inside neck label print).

    4. If screen print : How many colours are in each print?

    5. Due date


Any other relevant details that you can think of for your specific order.

Screenprinting & Embroidery have a minimum quantity of 10 items per design.

We have been known to do less on request but we’re generally not a 1-off T-shirt service.

Many Promo Products have higher set minimum ordering quantities. It differs item to item.

It’s best to contact us with any questions to confirm details.

We prefer orders and all important information to be received via email. You can also come to our showroom to order, but please note that we will confirm details via email.

We need to know:

  1. Products / Styles / Colours

  2. Quantity and Size breakdown

  3. Print positioning

  4. Artwork details

  5. Due date

  6. Pick up or delivery. In which case, please provide an address so we can quote freight costs and time

  7. Your contact details

Let us know of any other relevant details that may affect the print run.

Most Apparel screenprint orders have a general turnaround time of 2 weeks from Book In.

This may fluctuate in busy seasons, or due to your order complexity,  so check first if your due date is getting close. Any extra time for your order is highly appreciated.

Rush turnarounds are usually available, check with your sales representative

Products are ordered from our Suppliers as required.

Our Suppliers can occasionally be out of stock in certain sizes.

Even when your order range is fully in stock at time of Quoting, we recommend finalising your order asap so we can secure that stock.

We do keep some stock of black and white tees in top styles.

Please check with your sales representative to confirm availability as it is liable to change.

Yes, please email us at sales@redoctopus.com.au or hello@redoctopus.com.au.

Payment methods:

– Direct deposit via bank transfer

– Secure online Credit Card gateway

– EFTPOS facilities in the shop

– I guess we still take Cash too.  Best if you can bring the correct amount. 


All orders are full payment upfront.

While we are based in Brisbane, we deliver to just about anywhere in Australia. 

We use a range of courier services.

We can have merchandise sent overseas as well.

Contact us to to find out more about delivery options.


Just let us know the date, address, and merchandise delivery instructions, with contact details for the receiver and we’ll do the rest.

We source from reputable Suppliers with solid product ranges.

Generally, price reflects quality.

Some of our Brands have a cheap t-shirt option aimed at the lower budget, but we tend to advise on going at least the next one up.

We certainly offer many products of a very high quality and can recommend some long-term washers.

This is usually fine.

Screen Prints or Digi Transfers only – we do not offer Embroidery on customer supplied items.

However please note – We do not offer any replacement guarantees on customer supplied garments, which are supplied at customers own risk.

Non standard materials can have surprise results or complications. These situations are rare and the team will of course take the highest care when printing your supplied goods.

Keep in mind we offer a huge range and deal direct with the wholesalers.

It is often cheaper, faster and easier for us to Supply as well as Print.

Generally … No.

Most of the kinds of promotional goods we supply, we cannot print customer supplied versions of.

Bags & fabric items might be okay, contact us with your request.


There is much more.

Our Catalogue has our most popular and common Apparel styles.

We have a growing number of Suppliers we source from, with thousands more items available.

We have linked to the most common Supplier catalogues.

You will find those links on the appropriate pages of our website.

If you see a product on a Supplier site, contact us and we can quote on it.

Our suppliers offer a growing range of Eco products such as:

– Tees

– Polo shirts

– Caps

– Lanyards

– Stationary

And many more!

These items can come in organic, bamboo fabric, and recycled materials.

Ask us if the product you require is available in a more eco friendly material.

We like to be helpful.

We are skilled & flexible with what file formats we can take – as long as the quality is decent!


If you’re zooming in and the pixels become easily apparent – or hard edges are blurring into each other – it might not be good enough to get a great print from.

Email it to us, and we’ll let you know.



Vector Format: Such as PDF, AI, EPS or SVG files.

Red Octopus do not require artwork for Screen Prints to be supplied as Vectors, but they are often the best format.

If supplying Vector files, please remember to outline/convert to curves all fonts and embed all placed files (or provide them as well).


Raster Format: Such as PSD/PNG/JPEG files.

Please just to keep the resolution high (300dpi +). If you zoom into you image and it begins to pixelate and get fuzzy around the edges, it is probably not great to print from.


If you’re supplying complex multi-coloured artwork created in Photoshop, please supply the original working file with layers unflattened. This can be great help when doing colour separation.

We can also work with:

Word Doc: But we find the placed images in these are often low resolution, so send good quality files for all placed images as well.

Hard Copy: On paper. We can scan artwork. There may be extra costs involved in preparing from you hard copy.


Once we have your Order details & payment, we will book your order in.

Our Design Department will then process your graphics, and create a mock up with size & colour specs.

We will email this to you.

It is very important that you take the time to check the Proof carefully. You know your artwork better than we do.

We will not print until we receive your emailed Approval.

As long as your file quality is good enough (see above), we don’t need you to scale your


Standard screen print print size is up to around A3 vertical. We can print larger.


Whether or not you size your graphic in your art files, it’s best to specify your print sizes in your order email.

Otherwise, we will apply our expertise & choose a print size for you.

You will have the opportunity to review print szies when we email your Artwork Approval, before Print.

You can email it to sales@redoctopus.com.au, along with the details of the job.

Our Contact Form on this website has upload also.

For larger files, there are numerous cloud transfer services

Or, you can visit our Yeerongpilly shop with your USB drive.

Arranging your supplied graphics, adding text .. this stuff is easy and normal.

Custom illustration type design may be available, but not at all times.

It will depend on who we have on our Art team at the time, the suitability of their skills & art styles to your project, and how busy we are.

Design fees apply, of course.




You can. To get the best quality files from Canva:

  1. Click on “File”
  2. Select “Download” option
  3. Change the file type to “PDF Print”
  4. Click the final “Download” button
Let us know what you're after, and we'll quote!
All jobs are custom quoted. Upload your design and let us know which products you'd like it on, over on our Contact page

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