Red Octopus Screenprinting

Faq Format for Supplying Artwork Files

What format do you require artwork in?

Red Octopus run the latest Adobe Creative Suite design software - so we can take most formats. It's usually better to send the original working file, rather than an exported image such as PNG or JPEG.

No need to do the colour separations yourself, in most cases it's better if we do them from your composite artwork.

If you have specific print colours, please specify them when you provide the artwork. We use Pantone Coated range of colours.

Best Formats:

-VECTOR FORMAT - such as PDF or EPS. Generally t-shirt prints do not need to come from vector graphics, but a lot of promotional product prints do. Vector graphics are great as they can be scaled up in size without any loss in quality. 

If supplying Vector files please outline / convert to curves all fonts & embed all placed files (or provided them as well)

-RASTER FORMAT - such as PSD / PNG /  JPEG. Just keep the resolution high (300dpi+) . If you zoom into your image and it begins to pixelate and get fuzzy around the edges, it is probably not great to print from. Artwork supplied at 72dpi (web quality) is generally not very good to print from.

If supplying complex multi coloured artwork created in Photoshop, please supply the original working file with all working layers unflattened - often this can be a great help when doing colour separation.

 We can also work with:

-WORD DOC - but we find the placed images in these are often low resolution - so send quality files for all placed images as well.

-HARD COPY - On paper. We can scan your artwork. There may be extra costs involved in preparing from your hard copy.


What size to make the artwork?

Standard screen print print size is up to A3 vertical or 380 x 280mm landscape, with larger prints (up to 380 x 450mm) available for a bit extra. It's generally best to think about what size the graphic looks best at. 

Either size your graphic to the size you want, or send your art & specify the kind of size dimensions you want. We can apply our expertise to choose a print size if you prefer.

How do show you where I want it on the shirt?

You can just explain in words if it's easier, or give a measurement (eg. 8cm below the collar at the back of the neck).

On our Resources page you'll find several garment templates you're welcome to use.

If supplying image mocked up on a garment template. please also be good to send the art on its own, at actual size (without garment behind) for quality.

How do I get the artwork to Red Octopus?

If its under 15mb, email should be fine. See contact page.

Internet upload is another way. Try Dropbox or for files up to 100mb. 

Visit our shop with your USB drive, CD, DVD or hard copy.

CDs, DVDs & Hard Copy you can also courier or post

Can Red Octopus design for me?

We offer a minimal design service, as our design team are mostly dedicated to preparing customer supplied files for print.

Feel free to let us know what you need, design wise, and if it's something we can take on, we can quote. Or we may be able to recommend a suitable designer for you to contact. 

We do not do logo design.