Red Octopus Screenprinting

Faq Products

Are all your garments good quality?

Red Octopus does not distribute bad quality garments as part of our basic recommended catalogue, and prefer to sell you a good quality product wherever possible.

Our suppliers have extensive & growing ranges of garments, many styles we may have not used before or had feedback on. We encourage customer feedback on garment quality. 

We can usually source cheap/thin tees at your request if you are looking to save a little money.

Likewise, if high quality garments are required & budget is bigger than tiny, let us know & we'll recommend premium quality garments to suit.

Can we supply our own t-shirts?

This is usually fine.

Red Octopus is happy to supply a solution for your print needs, but cannot take responsibilty for supplied garments where unpredictable reactions & burns (for example) may occur. Note these events are rare.

Keep in mind Red Octopus have a great range of t-shirts at modest pricing. It is often cheaper, faster & easier to order stock from us than hunt around for shirts yourself.

Can we supply our own mugs or pens for Red Octopus to print?

No. We can only print the mugs & pens we supply. This is the case for most of the promotional goods we supply.

Are all the products you supply in the catalogues / on the website?

Not even close!
We've listed & catalogued some of our lost popular & common items & styles, but there is so much more we can do for you.
We have an impressive roster of wholesalers & importers we buy from.
So if there's a product you require - generally of the custom printed persuasion, do contact us. There is a very good chance we can source it for you.
Large minimums may apply with some items (but don't be afraid to ask!)

Do you sell Eco products?

Our suppliers have a growing range of Eco products such as:
-Polo Shirts
And more, in Organic, Bamboo fabric, Recycled materials. 
Ask us if the product you require is available in a more eco friendly material.